Information für Musiker

Vielen Dank für Ihre Interesse an einem Auftritt im Birdland59. Schicken Sie bitte Ihre Giganfragen per E-Mail an unseren Musikreferent Uwe Rudnik unter Wegen der sehr hohen Nachfrage können wir Bookinganfragen leider weder telefonisch noch postalisch entgegennehmen.

Information for musicians

Thanks for your interest in a gig the Birdland59 jazz club in Ettlingen. Please send your gig enquiry by e-mail to our musical director Uwe Rudnik at Due to the very high demand for gigs, we unfortunately can't accept gig enquiries by phone or by post. 

General information about the jazz club:

We have concerts once a week on Friday evenings, except in the school holidays. Our summer break is from mid-June to mid-September, and our winter break is from mid-December until mid-January. The fourth Friday in every month is reserved for jam sessions. We have a capacity of around 100.

Jazz styles:

We don't specialize in any particular style, we aim to cover the entire range through Traditional, Swing, Mainstream and Modern Jazz. Our experience is that we get the best audiences with an interestingly varied and well-balanced program.  

Current status of our bookings:

There are no more gigs available in 2021, sorry. The next season we'll be planning is March-June 2022. All gig enquiries that we've received will be taken into consideration, including the older enquiries, and the bands that we're able to offer a gig to will be contacted with a date proposal. Those that can't be accomodated will be automatically carried over as candidates for the following seasons, so it's not necessary to apply for gigs repeatedly. We know there are some venues who give the gigs to the bands that nag the most, but we're not one of those!

Your chances of getting a gig:

If you count up our concert schedule as described above, excluding the sessions it comes to about 25 gigs per year - and we receive well over 1000 gig enquiries every year. That means we have 40 bands competing for each gig! So if you're not amongst the lucky ones who get a gig offer, please don't take it as a criticism of your music: with that level of over-demand for gigs, there's always going to be a lot of truly excellent bands that we just can't fit in.

Repeat bookings:

If you already appeared at the Birdland59 and would like to come again, you will unfortunately have to wait quite a few years even if your gig was a great success. With such a very large number of excellent bands who want to play here, it just wouldn't be fair to the others if we kept booking the same guys over and over again.

How we handle your gig enquiry:

Some musicians seem surprised that we don't send an immediate yes or no answer to their gig enquiry, so we can perhaps avoid disappointment by explaining our procedure. Because of the volume of enquiries we receive, all we can usually manage on receipt is a quick read through what you've written and sending out our acknowledgement of receipt, and even that can take a few weeks. And even if we could study your enquiry in detail and listen to your demo tracks immediately, we still wouldn't be able to say yes or no: Our aim is to put together a well-balanced program, so we can't know whether you'll fit in until we've seen who else we have in that season.

Our procedure is to sit down three times a year to plan the forthcoming season. That's  when we look through everything in our inbox, listen to demos and decide who are the hottest candidates, and then we contact them to discuss dates. We tend to favor older enquiries over the newer ones so that the waiting time is about the same for everyone. As things take shape, we see places in the program where we need a specific jazz style for variety: then we go back to the enquiries and look for bands playing in that style, using the mail program's search function to find half-remembered gig enquiries that could fit. That, incidentally, is the reason why we won't take gig enquiries by post or by phone, because we wouldn't be able to track those electronically.

When the season is complete we don't send out a "no" to everyone who didn't make the cut, first because there are too many of them, and second because it wouldn't be a truthful answer: Everyone who doesn't get a gig is still there in our inbox when we get to planning the following season, and we do often contact bands with a gig offer several years after their original enquiry.

So, please don't get angry with us for not answering your question immediately, it's simply not possible to work that way.      

The reasoning behind our policy:

We don't believe in forcing musicians to call us and beg a dozen times in order to get a gig, and we don't believe in simply ignoring and forgetting gig enquiries, because we think this is a terrible way to treat working musicians. Therefore our policy is

  • all applicants receive an acknowledgement of their enquiry
  • we never lose or forget a gig enquiry, we keep track of all enquiries and often come back to the band several years later with a gig offer
  • for this reason we request not to send us reminders and follow-ups, it just clogs up our mailbox and is simply unnecessary - one enquiry is sufficient
  • we don't accept enquiries by phone or post because that would make it impossible to keep track, doing it electronically lets us keep everything in a searchable archive.

Nobody needs to worry that they'll lose out in the competition for a gig because they can't phone and nag us, we apply the same rules to everybody to keep it fair.